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It has been almost a month since I posted my photo of breastfeeding my son in the ICU with the following caption:

"A nurse helping my 1 day old son nurse while I was in the ICU following his birth. At this point I was a quadriplegic and could only feel his soft hair and skin when he was placed by my neck to cuddle. Breastfeeding is the reason he was allowed to stay with me in the hospital for 5 months while I lived on the physical rehabilitation unit learning how to walk again (complications from when he was born). It's amazing how much baby stuff you can fit in a hospital room. We are still breastfeeding strong at 16 months! If this is not a success story I don't know what is :D"

I have sat down so many times to try and put into words how thankful and grateful I am to have received such a huge amount of support, encouragement, concern, thanks and inspiration. I never intended for this picture to have such an impact on so many people. I sat here in front of my computer with tears in my eyes with my two beautiful boys sitting on my lap minutes after it was posted and watched as the likes, comments and shares starting flooding my screen - I felt (and still feel) so overwhelmed (in the best way).

One day I will share my birth story, but at this time I have not put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to document it. I will, however, answer a few questions and concerns that have been raised.
*All medications that I was on, in the ICU or after, were not harmful to my son.
*My son was with me all of the time, not in a nursery.
*I believe that having my son with me absolutely aided in my recovery (even if it was just to keep me smiling).

Please do not belittle or negate your own or someone else’s breastfeeding issues or choices. As moms we all do what we believe is best for our children (even though our opinions may differ it doesn’t make one right and one wrong).

The only reason I was and continue to be successful at breastfeeding is because of the amazing support I received right from the beginning (my spouse, nursing support {maternity, ICU, Public Health, rehabilitation}, LC, Paediatrician, friends and family). It was not a one woman show, I could not have done it without the aforementioned support.

My journey is not over, but with each day that passes I am forever grateful that my children are happy and healthy. So many parents don’t have the same opportunities that I did and I am so thankful for what I have been given. I have met and been supported by so many amazing and inspiring people along my road to recovery that my life will never be the same - it is richer now than ever before.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the outpouring of support!



  1. dlm keadaan cam tu masih mampu BF anak die .... aku sangat kaguim kite yg sihat ni pun tak berjaya sepenuh nye .... huhu

    1. huhu! semoga menjadi inspirasi untuk kita :)


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